Following a poor week’s weather I was able to get back to doing a spot of running yesterday (July 1st) along a route I’d walked many times before. The most interesting part was at the Derwent reservoir when I ran through the finish of a bike race that was taking place.  No cyclists were visible but the police motorcyclist did explain they were expected very soon.  The finish had the barriers and sponsor ads and distance to finish signage.  Rather surreal.  And on the day the Tour started in Dusseldorf. Again my legs were not able to last the full course, but I was running at the very end and today the recovery has been quicker than last week.

Screenshot from 2017-07-02 10-32-52

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running 2:40 hours, 1796 cals, 21,646 steps, 13.6 miles, 5.1 mph

walking 1:05 hours, 349 cals, 5,935 steps, 3.3 miles, 3.05 mph