Wednesday April 26th Air BnB stop, Lothersdalee to Air BnB stop, Kirkby Malham

Distance: 15.17 ml

Elevation: 1689′


Home for 1 night only, library photo

Kirkby Malham

B&B: £56.00

Expected walking time: 5h 44min

The weather had brightened up and the wind had died down. Slightly warmer such that when I left my overnight at 09:30 I was just wearing my Under Armour top and sunglasses!

Sunny leaving Lothersdale

Again off-route, I took the FP to the road at Salt Pye and then turned right and headed up to the ridge using another FP. A longer than expected walk along the ridge road passing the masts and I was back on the PW just down from the summit of Pinhaw.

The descent into Thornton on Craven was followed by a pleasant walk over pasture to Gargrave.  With spare time today it was time to stop for a proper lunch. The Dalesman Cafe is on the PW and a wonderful place to eat. I had the Dalesman lunch and took an Eccles cake and jelly babies away with me.

Love this – Dalesman cafe, fab place to go

The weather had cheered up even more by the afternoon making the trip to Kirkby Malham over rolling pasture and along gin clear Malham Beck a real joy.


09:30 Left Ray Gill farm

10:16 Car park bottom of Pinhaw

11:45 Double bridge over canal

12:47-13:40 Lunch

14:00 End of Marsh House Lane

14:55 Newfield Bridge

15:48 Hamlith Bridge

15:57 Overnight

29,003 steps

Total time 6.5 hours