My schedule for completing the PW

Date Day Start Finish Miles Accommodation
Fri 21/04/17 HOME Edale Edale YHA
Sat 22/04/17 1 Edale Torside 16 Old House B&B
Sun 23/04/17 2 Torside Standedge 13 Carriage House Hotel
Mon 24/04/17 3 Standedge Hebden Bridge 16 Air BnB
Tue 25/04/17 4 Hebden Bridge Lothersdale 20 Air BnB
Wed 26/04/17 5 Lothersdale Kirkby Malham 17 Air BnB
Thu 27/04/17 6 Kirkby Malhom Hawes 26 Hawes YHA
Fri 28/04/17 7 Hawes Tan Hill Inn 16 Tan Hill Inn
Sat 29/04/17 8 Tan Hill Inn Middleton 18 Middleton Hotel
Sun 30/04/17 9 Middleton Dufton 21 Dufton YHA
Mon 01/05/17 10 Dufton Alston 20 Alston YHA
Tue 02/05/17 11 Alston Once Brewed 24 Gibbs Hill Bunk Barn
Wed 03/05/17 12 Greenhead Bellingham 15 Bellingham YHA
Thu 04/05/17 13 Bellingham Byrness 15 Byrness YHA
Fri 05/05/17 14 Byrness Kirk Yetholm 27 HOME

The accommodation in the early stages of the PW is pretty limited.  Really there is only the Old House in Torside after the first day unless a taxi is organised to travel off-route.

I had considered trying to reach Mankinholes YHA from Torside on day two.  In the end I decided to stop at Standedge as recommended by many guides.  The Carriage House is a short distance off-route and maintains most of the height gained compared to walking into Diggle or Marsden.

One reason for not staying at Mankinholes YHA was the absence of space! Another was its location just short of Stoodley Pike.  I would have doubled back rather than walk back up the next day.  However, in the end I decided to stay in Hebden Bridge rather than try to stay on route.  There are multiple Air BnB options in Hebden.

From Hebden I’m not retracing steps to climb Pry Hill and then Hot Stones Hill.  Instead I’m intending to walk along Hebden Dale and meet up with the PW just south of Walshaw Dean Lower reservoir.  Might upset the purists but this is my walk.

However, since writing this I’ve discovered the Hebden Bridge loop, an official extension of the PW, like the Bowes loop.  HBLoop.  I think this might be better since it’s also waymarked.

Until Kirkby Malham the daily mileages have been rather restrained.  That changes on day six.  I hope I’ll have found my walking legs by now because this leg is a challenge with ascents of Fountains Fell and Pen-y-ghent, before taking the three peaks route to miss Horton in Ribblesdale and press on to Hawes.  Followed the next day by the ascent of Great Shunner Fell.

The rest of the itinerary is relatively standard.  I intend to miss Sleightholme Moor after leaving Tan Hill Inn and use the track instead.  After leaving Alston I’ll use the South Tyne Trail rather than mess about climbing stiles going through lots of farm fields. Blenkinsopp Common also doesn’t appeal and depending on the weather I might keep low and pass Featherstone and Blenkinsopp castles.  I’m staying north of the wall at Gibbs Hill, so will likely leave Hadrian’s Wall just before Winshield Crags.  Those who’ve not walked the wall wouldn’t want to do this, but I’ve done the wall lots of times and the route north holds more interest to me.

The last day is the usual ‘double day’ that many complete.